CHASE TRYAN – TEAM SADDLE – 14.5″ Diamond S Series Team Roper (7 Tall), Fit 2AZ, Order #37107

Diamond S Series, Team Roper (7Tall), Fit 2AZ, 14.5″ Seat.  Angle Cut Patterns.  3/4 Floral.  3/4 Chestnut Leather Upgrade.  Golden Rough Out Seats and Fenders.  One Piece Hard Seat.  6″ Flank. Nylon Off & Tie Straps.  Pair Leather Billets.  3″ Overshoe Stirrups Upgrade.  Tooled Stirrups to Match.  Berry Edge Conchos.  Slone Saddles Logo on Housings.

NOTE:  TEAM Saddles are currently with a Team Slone Saddles Member.  Thank you for understanding.

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