How to Measure your Seat Size

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Tod shows us what a saddle that’s too big, too small, and just right looks like, and what to look for to get the best fit for you.   And how to properly measure your own seat.

How We Prepare to Compete

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Preparing for competition is tricky. It’s like dating. You can put your best foot forward, put in all the hard work, but you only have control over you. You can’t control how the other person feels, reacts, communicates or behaves. So, think of preparing for rodeo like your dating or married life. You control what you can – your mental … Read More

Rodeo on a Budget

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Hi everyone! My name is Jimmie Smith, and I am addicted to saving money. Whew, now that we got that out of the way here is a little bit about me that you should know before we get into the important stuff: I am 22 years old and just graduated from the greatest university in the world. Whoop! I have … Read More

New Year, New Goals: Tips from Tod

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“Good is the enemy of great.” – James Collins With over 20 years in the saddle industry and another 20 in the rodeo world as a seven time NFR Tie Down Roper, Tod has seen and experienced alot. With honesty and compassion, Tod gives some of his best tips for achieving big goals. You get out what you put in. … Read More

Fit to Win: Tips for Keeping You and Your Horses Physically & Mentally Fit

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1st Edition: Mental Expectations & Saddle Fit Staying in mental and physical shape throughout the winter months can be quite the challenge. It gets easy to let excuses and laziness creep in and the state of the weather outside determine your mood and productivity. Don’t let that happen this winter! Champions are made in the winter! Keeping up withpractice sessions, … Read More

A Slone Saddles Summer

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When you hear summer, what do you think about? Does lake days, vacationing, visiting the beach, or relaxing frolic through your mind? Since we were children summer has always been the time that are brains were put to rest and relaxation and play time was about to begin. Now, let’s get back to reality as this is not the case … Read More