Fit to Win: Tips for Keeping You and Your Horses Physically & Mentally Fit

1st Edition: Mental Expectations & Saddle Fit Staying in mental and physical shape throughout the winter months can be quite the challenge. It gets easy to let excuses and laziness creep in and the state of the weather outside determine your mood and productivity. Don’t let that happen this winter! Champions are made in the winter! Keeping up withpractice sessions, … Read More

A Slone Saddles Summer

When you hear summer, what do you think about? Does lake days, vacationing, visiting the beach, or relaxing frolic through your mind? Since we were children summer has always been the time that are brains were put to rest and relaxation and play time was about to begin. Now, let’s get back to reality as this is not the case … Read More

The ORIGINAL Contoured Saddle Pad – Tod Slone 100% Wool Felt Saddle Pads

Click here to shop Tod Slone Saddle Pads. For Ropers, we recommend a 3/4″ pad with a wool Navajo underneath. The Navajo will help keep your saddle pad clean. Find the Navajos we recommend here. For Barrel Racers, we like to recommend our 1″ small round or square pad without a Navajo underneath to keep things as light as possible for fast runs! … Read More

Chevy VS Cadillac…In The Saddle World

We’ve all heard it before… “I don’t want to ride a ‘trophy saddle’”. “I want the Tod Slone…like, the actual Tod Slone saddle!” There are so many misconceptions and questions regarding the differences between our Diamond S line and our TS Tod Slone Series. Let’s debunk the myths and get these two different saddle series straight. I like to describe … Read More

Trophy Saddles – Getting The Most BANG For Your $Buck$

When a rodeo association spends approximately $20,000 on trophy saddles alone, it is serious business. Awards committee members lose sleep over their decisions trying to make all contestants and their parents happy. They go cross-eyed looking at bid after bid that appears to be written in a foreign language of ½ breed this and combo-tooled that. To say it is … Read More

The Old School VS. The Truth On Dry Spots

The “old school” says dry spots on a horses back are bad. This is not necessarily so… A dry spot is a place where the saddle tree is applying pressure. They usually occur under the front part of the saddle. However, a dry spot that is slightly larger than the palm of your hand can actually be a good thing. A saddle … Read More