The Slone Saddles Certificate Program

The Slone Saddles Certificate Program allows champions the opportunity to design a saddle that will fit both the horse and rider while also having their own personal flare. Saddles all include the trophy and sponsorship lettering desired by the association, so it is a Win-Win for all involved. Associations designate a value for the certificate and champions can select Saddle Style, Seat Size, Tree Fit, Seat Colors, & Tooling Patterns within that price range at no cost OR choose to upgrade the saddle to their liking. All upgrades above the designated certificate value are paid for by the certificate recipient. With limitless design combinations, the sky is the limit! Each saddle is truly unique – Built to Ride & Fit to Win!

Sample Certificate

As the National High School and Junior High Rodeo Association official saddle sponsor, state champions that award Slone Saddles certificates have the unique opportunity to have their horses fit at the National Finals each year to ensure a saddle that is FIT TO RIDE & BUILT TO WIN.