Step 1. Choose Your Slone Saddle Series

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Step 2. Choose Your Saddle Style

Step 3. Tree Fit

While these tree variations work for the large majority of horses, there are always exceptions to the rule. We are committed to doing our best to combine your needs with our expertise to create a tree that properly fits both horse and rider.

Horse types:

  • Ropers:
  • High Withered – Fit #1(Jig 46)
  • Average – Fit AZ 20.1, Fit #2AZ, 3 (TS Signature Line)
  • Average (Wider) – Fit #3AZ, 3W (TS Signature Line)
  • Extra Wide – Fit #4TSS, 4 (TS Signature Line)
  • Barrels:
  • Narrow – Fit BB1
  • Average – Fit BB2 (B2, Jig 6 – 134 Bar)
  • Wide – Barrel Fit B3
Tod Slone Signature Barrel Tree
tod slone signature barrel tree slone saddles
Diamond S Barrel Tree
Diamond S Barrel Tree slone saddles
Tod Slone Signature Roper Tree
Tod Slone Signature Roper Tree slone saddles
Diamond S Roper Tree
Diamond S Roper Tree slone saddles

Tree Fit Angles

The pictures below are example views of angles needed to properly assist you in determining the appropriate tree fit for your horse.

Important Note: We design our roping trees to be used with a heavy Navajo blanket and a 3/4″ Tod Slone 100% Wool Felt Pad. Our barrel saddles are designed to be used with a 3/4″ Tod Slone 100% Wool Felt Pad.

Step 4. Leather Color Options

Golden Leather (Standard)

Chestnut Leather Upgrade

Chocolate Leather Upgrade

Step 5. Skirt Patterns

Step 6. Tooling & Border Options

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Step 7. Tooling Degree

Step 8. Binders

Step 9. Seat Styles

Step 10. Seat Material

Exotic Seats

(TS Signature Series Only)

Exotic Print Seats

Suede Seats

Other Seats

Step 11. Horn Styles

Step 12. Tack and Accessories

Flank Buckles


Rust C’s + Dees



Breast Collars