Bringing Back a Classic: The Silver Series

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Many of you have had the opportunity to purchase or win one of our Diamond S or Tod Slone Signature Series saddles. If you have ever been a part of the design process, you know how intricate it can be. From leather color to tooling patterns to seat prints and colors, the options are plentiful.  Well, once upon a time Slone Saddles had a series of saddles called the Silver Series. This series was less expensive and had a reduced amount of options to choose from, making the design process less overwhelming for some. Well my friends, this series is back! Slone Saddles is now offering the Silver Series, Diamond S, and Tod Slone Signature series! In this blog post, we will go more into depth on how these saddles differentiate from each other and we will describe the specifications of the Silver Series.

*A saddle series comparison chart is located at the end of this blog. This provides a quick look at the differences between our three lines of saddles.

Base Price

One of the Silver Series biggest differences is its price. The base price starts off at the lowest price range of our three saddle series.  Thus, making it more economical when associations have a large number of trophy saddles or certificates to award, as well as, more economical for the individual customer.


Additionally, the Silver Series has a 7 year warranty versus the 10 year warranty we provide for our Diamond S and Tod Slone Signature Series.

Tree Type

Next is the base of the saddle: the tree. In our Silver Series saddle the tree is wood, fiberglass encased, and medium duty. Even though the tree type is slightly different from our Diamond S and Tod Slone Signature series, our tree fits remain the same.

Skirt Patterns

Next are our skirt patterns for the Silver Series. The barrel skirt is a small round skirt with a kidney bean shape. The roper has its own unique patterns custom to the Silver Series. These skirts have a distinctive curve to them. You can see the differences in skirt patterns in the pictures below.

Tooling Options, Dyed Background & Borders

Tooling is probably one of the most noticeable options to choose from when designing your saddle. For the Silver Series, we have narrowed the options to our  geometric and combination tooling. Our geometric options are Basket, Snowflake and Waffle. These can be paired with our Seed Floral #2 or Oak Floral prints to make a combination pattern. As for dyed backgrounds, black and brown are the only options available for our Silver Series. Our Barbed Wire and V Borders are the two borders  available when customizing a Silver Series.

Leather Type and Color

The leather type used for our silver series is Thoroughbred leather. This leather option only comes in our golden color for our Silver Series line of saddles. The color of this leather is pictured below.


Seat Styles and Seat Materials

We have narrowed down the seat styles available for our Silver Series to a full seat and a one piece hard seat. The two materials available for the full seat are suede or the solid elephant prints. The suede colors offered are just about endless, and we have several colors for out elephant prints as well.

All in all, the differences in our Silver Series do not discount its quality. After all, it is still a Slone Saddle! We have only simplified the ordering process and lowered the cost for you.  This saddle is built to ride and fit to win!


Saddle Series Comparison

If you would like to fill out a quote for one of our Silver Series saddles check out the form below!


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